About this project

Our client Gaysha Ltd contracted us to build 2 dividing walls into the existing Homebase store to provide a new space for new Lidl Store.

  • We needed to fix the wall to deep steelhead track along 180lm in total.
  • Track was 200mm deep to provide nearly 100mm deflection movements.
  • Heighest point of the wall was over 9m heigh.

The walls were built using our preferred system- Fermacell F60 - to provide a 60 minute fire rating.

We introduced movement control joints every 10 linear metres in the walls to provide sideways movement.

For additional security, the client also wanted a full height security mesh across the whole side of the partition.

To the top of the partition wall was built to 1.5m long fire umbrella to both sides as per client requirements.

Walls were skimmed and painted all around and fire sealed at all edges.

We had 6 weeks to build those partitions and as always we were on time.

As a result of work and build time, Gaysha provided us with more work for the project and awarded new contracts for future work.


Date: 2020
Location: Cambridge
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