High Bay Walls with SFS Framing

We typically use the Metsec SFS framing steel frame range for our high bay wall partitions. The benefits of which are:

  • Cost and weight reductions of typically 5-10%
  • Thinner, more efficient through wall constructions
  • New 90mm stud for residential developments providing more usable floor area
  • Fire performance tested and assessed at BRE test laboratories
  • Through wall and floor solutions for structural, fire, acoustic and thermal performance
  • Greater deflection allowances for our slotted head track now up to +/-20mm

High Bay Wall Solutions

We can supply, install and commission high bay walls up to 20m high.

Metsec's high bay walling can be constructed up to 20m high and because of their lightweight construction, rarely needing any additional foundations underneath the wall. The high strength to weight ratio of the Metsec studs enables us to construct high separating walls without any need for hot rolled steel wind posts which would be necessary for an equivalent wall of masonry construction. We can design walls to meet your project specific acoustic and fire rating requirements.

What are High Bay Walls?

High bay walls are similar to infill walls, except they are used to provide internal high separating walls for factory units or atriums. As they are often constructed within hot rolled steel portal frames, the amount of primary frame deflection that needs to be accommodated can be much greater than required for infill panels and bespoke details are typically provided to suit project requirements.

High ball walling