About this project

The requirement was to build a jumbo stud wall from one side only with the following client requirements:

  • 120 minutes of fire protection.
  • A 5.7 metres high fermacell partition to be built on a block wall from a height of 2.3 metres
  • The high bay wall was 5.7m high and over 70m long.
  • We had a 2 week build program to complete.

Due to the nature of the installation, we recommended to our client that a jumbo stud shaft wall system should be installed instead of a standard solution, using the Jumbo Stud Shaft Wall F120.

Our team of 4 operatives completed this installation within just 10 days, a major reason why jumbo stud walls are a very good choice when having to create floor to ceiling partitions in a limited period of time.

The Jumbo Stud Shaft Wall F120 we used offers a very robust metal frame work using the Fermacell ‘E’ stud, fixed together, up to the manufacturer’s specification. These partitions provide 120 minutes of fire protection, together with high sound absorption. This solution is a very cost and time effective one, compared to block wall and/or other standard high bay partitions.

Jumbo Stud walls can be built to any height or width required and is an ideal solution to divide any warehouse, office space or similar large building.

If you are looking for more information to help you scope a construction project or if you’re looking for this product specifically, please do not hesitate to contact us for pricing and availability.


Date: 2019
Location: York
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