About this project

Jumbo Stud Ltd completed a combination of Fermacell Wall Lining system and Cyclorama curved wall detail for a film studio near Wembley Stadium in London. 

First phase involved building 3 main sided Fermacell walls to create a space for shooting films and pictures. Fermacell Jumbo Stud wall was skimmed and painted with a special curved detail to both internal corners and the bottom line of the whole jumbo stud wall partition.

The Cyclorama curved wall detail is being used for film studios to help create better films and pictures. These curved walls are commonly referred to as Cyc Wall or Infinity Coving.

Jumbo Stud Ltd undertook whole painting to existing cladding and ceiling and built office partitions above and under the new mezzanine floor opposite the new Cyclorama Jumbo Stud Wall.  


Location: Wembley, London
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